Emancipation Purse

United States – Emancipation Purse



Providing resources to
trafficked and exploited women.

Emancipation Purse is the result of years of advocacy, experience, and education surrounding the travesty of human trafficking.

While Emancipation Purse understands that all ages and genders are trafficked, for various reasons, and that each life is infinitely precious, at this time their main focus is assisting women with resources needed to get by after they have been initially removed from situations of trafficking or exploitation.

Many women leave, or are rescued from, dire circumstances with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and Emancipation Purse wants them to know that they are loved, and that there are people who care about each one of them specifically, and who will stand by them as they build a new life!  The current priority is to make sure that they are given basic hygienic supplies in order to ease this transition.

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