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Pakistan, a country located in South Asia, is a nation rich in history and culture, featuring stunning landscapes like the Karakoram mountain range and the historical city of Lahore. However, the brick kiln workers in rural Pakistan face severe socio-economic challenges, including harsh working conditions and limited access to education and healthcare. Through our partners' dedicated efforts, HEART aims to uplift these communities by offering vital services and support, both in terms of physical well-being and spiritual healing.



Healing Journeys Foundation works in the remote rural areas of Pakistan, primarily among the brick kiln workers and other unserved communities, to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and share His love through spiritual and physical healing.

HJF has reached thousands through TLAP (Training Locals & Aware People), a program which provides health education and disease prevention knowledge. Their expanded medical outreach includes Gospel sharing, health education sessions, and medical camps.

Prefer to write a check? Make payable to HEART Ministries and add the ministry name in the memo. Mail to: PO Box 390 West Point, VA 23181


Healing Journeys Children's Center, located near Lahore, is a place for young boys from disrupted and dysfunctional homes to come and experience the care and love of Jesus. It was a dream of Dr. Emmaneul to reach the children of the brick kilns. In March 2021, that dream was realized and the center opened with six boys who once had little hope and who now willingly share their hopes, dreams, and Jesus with their families. HJF Children's Center is currently changing the lives of seven young boys and they are equipped to care for up to twelve. Your gifts provide education, food, clothing, health care, grooming, and shelter.

"The growth is visible and I love each one of them. The hope and shine in their eyes gives me hope and strength about the vision and mission for the children's center," says Dr. Emmanuel.

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