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$5 Given = $10 Received! Donors will match all gifts up to $100,000. Double your gift by giving today!


Let's lend them ours. 

Why Project Bootstrap?

The other night a woman affected by hurricane Ian said, “I believe in surviving by pulling up my own bootstraps, but my boots are gone”.


There are many parts of the world where it just isn’t possible for people to succeed by pulling up their bootstraps, because they don’t have the bare necessities of life.


Master Builder’s School exists to educate and feed some of the poorest of the poor in Ngong, Kenya and provide these children with hope and an education that is necessary to transform their lives.


We need your help to purchase the land for our school which could be closed because the owners wants to sell it for development.


Please help us raise $100,000 to save our elementary school that serves over 300 children. Donors are offering to match that $100,000 in order to purchase the land needed to keep the school open.

We are grateful for every dollar!

Sophie Muriithi & Philip Katei

Master Builders CBO

Ngong, Kenya


James is one of our newest students and that smile is a true testimony to the love and care he has received at school. James was rescued from 7 months on the streets after being rejected by his mother's new family. He would have been sitting for his grade 8 exams in November, but being on the streets left him behind academically, struggling emotionally and physically. Fortunately for James, he has grandparents who were made aware that he was living on the streets. He was taken in and brought to Master Builders where he is receiving counseling, being fed, engaged in his studies again, and performing well! That smile reflects a hope he didn't have just a couple months ago. This young man is why Master Builders needs YOU to partner with them in loving, feeding, and educating the children of the Gichagi slums. It's more than a school, it's a refuge. 



Master Builders has 320 students from the Gichagi slums in Ngong, Kenya. The children range in age from 3 years to 8th grade. The school is situated within walking distance of the community they live in on a beautiful open field where they can run and play.

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