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Celebrate our birthday with us!

Join HEART Ministries Inc. in celebrating our 14th birthday this year! For over a decade, we have been blessed to serve communities across the globe, bringing hope, healing, and the love of Christ to those in need. Your unwavering support has made this journey possible, and now, we have an exciting opportunity for you to further our mission through our Birthday Campaign.

With your compassionate heart and the power of community, you can help us continue to change lives. Donate on our website or start your own fundraiser to share with friends and family. Setting up a Facebook fundraiser is simple and impactful. Here’s how you can start fundraising today:



Set a goal of at least $1,000

Even if you don’t reach $1,000, every contribution helps to spread God's love and care to those in need.


Set your end date 3 weeks out

This timeframe gives you the chance to reach more people and share our mission with your network.

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Invite every Facebook friend

Don’t hesitate to invite everyone. Each invite is a show of support. Your outreach is vital to our shared success.


Post regular updates

Keep your supporters engaged by posting updates on the fundraiser page. Share heartfelt stories, progress, and reminders to contribute at least once a day. Your words can inspire others to act.



Thank every donor

Express your appreciation to each donor. Their generosity is a blessing, and a simple thank you can go a long way. Facebook will provide them with a tax receipt. for their donation.

Let’s make a difference together

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at Your participation in this campaign is about more than just fundraising; it’s about spreading hope, healing and God's love to the ends of the earth.

Not on Facebook? Not a problem

If you don't have a Facebook account but still want to support HEART during our Birthday Campaign, there are other ways to contribute. Donate directly on our website, share this fundraiser with friends and family, or mail a check payable to HEART Ministries Inc with "Birthday Campaign" in the memo line. Thank you for celebrating with us.

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