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HEART Ministries, Inc. is a Christian non-profit missionary organization located in West Point, VA. Founded through an immediate need to get financial and humanitarian resources overseas, HEART now serves as a U.S. sponsor for Ministry Partners in Haiti, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Pakistan, and the United States. Part of our partnership includes mission trips, on-site evaluation, and participation in the ministries. 

Areas of service include: education, medical care, orphanages, trafficking and exploitation, infant care, developmental disabilities, clean water and feeding projects, community development, leadership training, and youth business skills training.

Our primary goal is to serve missionaries, schools, orphanages, and other ministries around the world by giving them a place to receive their financial support, assisting with fundraising, sharing connections, and covering them in prayer. We believe every dollar should go to work in sharing the gospel and caring for God’s people, so we do not charge fees for these services.


Partner Organizations

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