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Kenya, located in eastern Africa, is home to almost 49 million people, as well as a diverse and unique population of wildlife. Although tourism is helpful for the Kenyan economy, it continually struggles to alleviate poverty, meet the demands of the population, and overcome political and economic wounds of the past.



Master Builders is a Pre-K - 8th school serving the children of the Gichagi slums in Kajiado County. With the public schools over-populated, under-funded, and too far for the youngest children to travel to, Master Builders gives this underserved population a chance at education, food to eat, and the opportunity to learn about Jesus. Master Builders school currently serves 320 students and is run by Rev. Philip Katei and his wife Sophie who have four children of their own and have taken in ten others with no family or with a volatile family situation. Partner with Master Builders to break the cycle of poverty through education, provide nutritious meals, and offer the hope of a better future for the children they serve. 


Let's lend them ours.

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"From the very beginning of our vision to impact the community in Gichagi Slums we knew we had to nourish them not only spiritually, but physically as well. And we have seen the transformation in society as families are able to sleep with warm bellies, with one less care to worry about. We have realized that this community becomes more susceptible to hearing the good news of God when they can relate to a Father who cares for them enough to feed them when they are hungry."

Prefer to write a check? Make payable to HEART Ministries and add the ministry name in the memo. Mail to: PO Box 390 West Point, VA 23181


In Kenya, secondary education is not free. Many students do not make it past primary school, and those that do often cannot afford secondary education or college. The High School Scholarship Fund gives students graduating from Master Builders the opportunity to continue their education past Grade 8. It not only provides financial assistance, but hope for a better future for themselves, their families, and the communities they live in.

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